Wallpaper photographic installation

Many of our visitors to the Colour Factory Gallery who have seen our current exhibition ‘Alone in my room’ have been inquiring about the wallpaper installation. Have a look at the installation shots below to get an idea of the process. Here at Colour Factory we can turn your photograph into a beautiful larger than life reproduction printed directly to adhesive wallpaper. All you need to do is wet the material and stick!! It can be moved around quite easily once adhered to make fine adjustments in positioning. This image was taken from scanned 35mm film and reproduced on a wall sized 6.3 x 2.87m and the quality is superb! The wallpaper is printed on our environmentally friendly latex ink machine.


'Alone in my room' 'Alone in my room' 'Alone in my room' 'Alone in my room' 'Alone in my room' 'Alone in my room'

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