Film Processing Services

professional film processing | Melbourne | Colour Factory

Why shoot film ? We are often asked – Do you still process film? Well our film processing services are still going strong. Although we use a combination of digital and traditional  printing technologies  we’re still doing essentially what we’ve been doing for over 30 years: processing film and making prints. Add into that scanning, file preparation, artwork…

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Some very cool vintage photography has been beautifully re-appropriated as duratran lightbox images.Duratran is a great alternative material for photographic prints, slightly more adventurous than your standard inkjet, that brings the image to life with a real cinematic effect.Image credit to Phong Ngo. More Information    

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How is your C41 film processed – does it really matter?

How you get your film processed – does it really matter?   It should. If it matters to you how  your C41 film is handled and processed, then how you get your film processed is a question you should be asking.  Using a dip & dunk film processor is the best option for you. We constantly…

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