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Jeff Raglus Stickers | fine art | colour factory
Jeff Raglus Stickers | fine art | colour factory

Jeff Raglus - Sticker Packs

Who is Jeff Raglus? and what of these stickers?

Working with visual artists like Jeff Raglus is one of the enjoyable elements of Colour Factory life.

Jeff has designed numerous album covers, released 4 children books, designed literally hundreds of poster and T-Shirt prints, worked for Mambo, Swatch Watches, The Arena Theatre company, Ansett Airlines and many more.
He has played, recorded and released albums with The Bachelors From Prague, The Black Sorrows, The Beachniks, The Feeling Groovies, Fogg, Rebecca Barnard, Ross McLennan, his own solo project and more recently Victoriana Gaye.
His playful art style sometimes has a mid-century vibe, but not one to succumb to retro nostalgia, Jeff always provides something new and fresh. He describes his art as ‘Surf/Folk/Pop’
Jeff's work constantly blurs the boundaries between fine and graphic art.

The stickers

Original Jeff Raglus Sticker packs- Printed editions available in screen print and digital print.
One is produced “Old school style”  hand screen print and the other is produced via digital reproduction of his amazing paintings and illustrations.
Both sets contain 15 stickers in each pack but completely different designs and printing methods.
#1 - The screen print pack and #2 The digital print pack - little versions of his wonderful paintings.

Jeff Raglus Stickers | fine art | colour factory

Where do I get these little packs of fun?

 You can contact Jeff directly via
Shipping is available

What is the word on the street about the stickers?

"The best !”   " awesome !”  "never too old for stickers”  “Ace” “brilliant” 

Where can I put these stickers?

Have fun with them - we have seen them on guitars, cars, scooters, doors, amps, books, laptops and even have a couple on or entrance here at Colour factory.

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