Photographing artwork for reproduction

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Artwork scanning | Colour Factory | Melbourne

Photographing  for giclee prints

Working with visual artists like Jeff Raglus is one of the enjoyable elements of Colour Factory life.

Seeing an artist sign a set of limited editions prints that are destined to adorn the walls of expectant buyers is always exciting.

Jeff had an original piece he had painted that required digitising and then proofing for a set of edition prints.

We began in the studio. Our Medium format digital setup Is perfect for this type of application.

Controlling the light source is paramount to achieving a result that both us and the artist are happy with.  Jeff's work had a sheen on the surface and requires both polarizing the lens and also the light source... Needless to say, these are details that many artists don’t consider when wanting their artwork scanned or photographed. They just want the best result possible.



We provide you with a Giclée print proof for your approval. This allows both ourselves and you the artist to consider any colour corrections required. A strong understanding of the colour gamut, tight colour management, including printing proofs, ensures the highest colour fidelity and accuracy.


There is no better way to confirm your colour is accurate than to print a hard copy proof.

Artwork scanning | Colour Factory | Melbourne

It is not enough to see if the print matches a computer screen, a printed proof is your best opportunity for peace of mind. We want you delighted with your final product!

Giclee printing services for artists

Once Jeff and ourselves were happy with the subtle adjustments to the RAW file we proceeded to prepare his files for his edition run. We save a master file and produce an artists proof for the artist to approve. We keep it on file here and always refer to it when reproducing prints for the edition. A certificate of Authenticity is provided which adds a layer of value and trust to your edition works.

WHAT IS GICLÉE? And how do you pronounce it ?!

Great question! Giclée printing is an archive-quality reproduction using pigment-based inkjet technology, typically on fine art papers and canvas. Send us digital files of your artwork and we can discuss materials. With the evolution of technology, the archival, high-resolution ink-jet print can now be reproduced on a variety of substrates.

So how do you pronounce Giclee?

We get all sorts of wonderful attempts to pronounce it..  Gicel, jicklee, gigglee, jiclee zheyeclee

We promise we don’t laugh….  Just call it an inkjet print.

Or if you must…zheee- clay…  as it’s a French word add a little French accent and it will roll off the tounge in a relaxed and easy manner!

Artwork scanning | Colour Factory | Melbourne

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