July Image News

Photographic Exhibition

At present we are completing a consultation at Xavier College  Melbourne and while there this morning we had the great opportunity to view some fantastic works in their archive.
What made this extremely joyous was viewing a body of work by Julian Smith -  a surgeon who’s pastime was portrait photography. In complete shock, we were offered to show some of the work later in the year at Colour Factory gallery.

We will let you know shortly when we confirm a date for the exhibition

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Images courtesy of Xavier College

Gallery Space

Our gallery space is now open. Featuring exciting works showcasing a diverse range of mediums and styles and also a comfy couch from which to view the works and flip through a selection of books.

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Monthly Award

This months award goes to a young up and coming illustrator Yasmin Robertson who has won a free photographic reproduction photo of any artwork valued up to $220.00

Monthly Special

Don’t forget this month a 10 % discount for all secondary students on all prints.

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