File Uploads

Our print ready price is available to those who prepare the file according to our requirements below:

What we do:

  • Print your image at the size supplied
  • Print your image on paper specified ( Smooth Cotton Rag & Lustre (Pearl) are our default stocks.
  • Trim your image to the size supplied (Add borders if required as we trim to the edge of the file)

What you need to do:

  • Set up your file to the size you want it trimmed to
  • Include borders if required
  • If you are framing allow extra 1cm border on your file (This helps us when framing)
  • Name your file clearly: Your name_title of image/project (e.g. Joe Bloggs_Fitzroy.TIF)

What other information do we require along with your uploaded file?

  • Your contact details: First and last name, phone number and email
  • Any extra services you may require - such as mounting, framing and freight need to be discussed first and noted clearly

What resolution does your file need to be?

  • -Minimum 150dpi / Maximum 300dpi
  • -Ensure your file is 8bit channel (not 16bit channel)

What colour profile?

  • We prefer Adobe RGB 1998

What file type?

  • -Preferred file: Flattened .tiff
  • -Accepted file types¬†.jpeg, .pdf, outlined .eps

If you require any custom digital work such as layouts, retouching or colour matching, our team of professional printers can assist you in achieving fine art, exhibition quality results. Please call ahead and book an appointment and note this will incur an additional fee.