Digital and screen print stickers

Jeff Raglus Stickers | fine art | colour factory

Jeff Raglus – Sticker Packs Who is Jeff Raglus? and what of these stickers? Working with visual artists like Jeff Raglus is one of the enjoyable elements of Colour Factory life. Jeff has designed numerous album covers, released 4 children books, designed literally hundreds of poster and T-Shirt prints, worked for Mambo, Swatch Watches, The…

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July Image News

Fine Art Printing | Services | Melbourne | Colour Factory

Photographic Exhibition At present we are completing a consultation at Xavier College  Melbourne and while there this morning we had the great opportunity to view some fantastic works in their archive. What made this extremely joyous was viewing a body of work by Julian Smith –  a surgeon who’s pastime was portrait photography. In complete…

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Photographing artwork for reproduction

Artwork scanning | Colour Factory | Melbourne

Photographing  for giclee prints Working with visual artists like Jeff Raglus is one of the enjoyable elements of Colour Factory life. Seeing an artist sign a set of limited editions prints that are destined to adorn the walls of expectant buyers is always exciting. Jeff had an original piece he had painted that required digitising…

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Fine Art Printing – Inkjet Limited Edition Art Prints

Fine Art Inkjet Giclee & Canvas Printing Melbourne

Fine art printing – Limited Editions Fine Art Prints Inkjet (giclee) fine art printing is  a wonderful addition for the photographic artist, illustrator, painter  and print-maker. Inkjet fine art pigment prints are now popular with contemporary artists, museums and collectors as a way of making exhibition prints from digital files. Papers for fine art printing…

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Photographing and scanning artwork for edition prints

Photographic & Scanning Services | Melbourne | Colour Factory

Photographing and scanning artwork for prints Photographing artwork for giclee printing If you are looking to sell fine art giclée prints, online or locally we definitely recommend taking the extra time to photograph your work professionally and then print your work on the highest of quality papers. Presenting your work to the highest standard positions…

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Time and Tide Photographs by David Tatnall

David Tatnall

Time and Tide Photographs by David Tatnall The Colour Factory would like to welcome David Tatnall, with Time And Tide opening  THURSDAY 6th of July from 6 – 8pm ‘The seashore is always changing. ….. it takes an artist to capture the spirit, the mystery, that essential quality that calls us time and again to walk…

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Darkroom Course

Photographic Darkroom Printing Melbourne | Colour Factory

Open for Bookings ! Dark room – Processing & Printing courses Our black and white printing courses, all taught by master printer Phill Virgo, will start with an introduction to darkroom printing through to the more advanced techniques utilised in the making of exhibition-quality prints. Our darkroom workshops are appropriate for anyone with an interest in…

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For The Love of The Dark – Prints from the darkroom

Darkroom print works Prints from the darkroom The Colour Factory would like to welcome this diverse and talented group of artists opening THIS THURSDAY 15th of June from 6 – 8pm For The Love of The Dark is a visual compendium of darkroom works from some of Australia’s most accomplished print makers. Showcasing the precision…

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Walker Evans: The Magazine Work

It was a great pleasure to work with the CCP to have printed and installed work by Walker Evans and Destiny Deacon at a recent exhibition, at no cost. We we’re delighted to receive the following feedback:   Dear Phill, Thank you for your support of Walker Evans: The Magazine Work and The documentary take, both presented as part of…

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An Early Christmas Present

Henri Cartier Bresson | Melbourne | Colour Factory

A few days ago (19/12/2016) a client came in the front door. With her was an exquisite Black & White print she had found in her father’s garage amongst the camping gear. She had dropped the frame and broken the glass. After some research she thought the Colour Factory was the best equipped to repair…

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