Walker Evans: The Magazine Work


It was a great pleasure to work with the CCP to have printed and installed work by Walker Evans and Destiny Deacon at a recent exhibition, at no cost.

We we're delighted to receive the following feedback:


Dear Phill,

Thank you for your support of Walker Evans: The Magazine Work and The documentary take, both presented as part of the 2016 Melbourne Festival.

Your valued assistance has enabled CCP to support living artists and bring their work into productive engagement with the foundational documentary practice of Walker Evans.

We are grateful to David Campany, curator of Walker Evans: The Magazine Work and to artists, Destiny Deacon and Virginia Fraser, Simryn Gill, Ponch Hawkes, Sonia Leber and David Chesworth, Louis Porter, Patrick Pound, Charlie Sofo and David Wadelton.

Please find... below a break down of attendance and visitor comments:


Overall attendance: 15, 304

Melbourne festival opening: 292

Walker Evans Symposium: 70

Visitor Feedback:

“What a flawless explanation of the everyday human element. Another fabulous exhibition from the CCP!”

“A well crafted and curated exhibition travels the mind and intrigues suspicion.”

“Thanks for representing page layout, design and the printed magazine too. Cool photo exhibition juxtaposition too.”

“‘Family of Man’ without the romance. Brilliant.”

“I like the look of this exhibition. Very different.”

Thank you for your support of CCP in this our 30th year.

We wish you all the best.

Naomi Cass and Michelle Mountain


Please find below photographic and video documentation of the exhibitions:

Video walk through:

Digital version of the catalogue:

Photographs of opening and artist talks: