An Early Christmas Present

A few days ago (19/12/2016) a client came in the front door. With her was an exquisite Black & White print she had found in her father’s garage amongst the camping gear.

She had dropped the frame and broken the glass. After some research she thought the Colour Factory was the best equipped to repair the frame.

I asked her if she knew what this image was worth and where it came from? She said her dad bought it because the boy in the picture looked like his young deceased Cousin.

The image was signed ‘Henri Cartier Bresson‘. The image was also embossed with the same name. Henri Cartier Bresson was a French photographer who pioneered street photography.

A Google enquiry  took me to the website of Beetles and Huxley. Beetles  and Huxley is a renowned gallery in London that focuses on photographic artists who have played a significant role in the history of art. The value of Henri’s images sell there for between 20 & 50 thousand pounds!