Fine Art Printing – Inkjet Limited Edition Art Prints

Fine art printing - Limited Editions

Fine Art Prints

Inkjet (giclee) fine art printing is  a wonderful addition for the photographic artist, illustrator, painter  and print-maker. Inkjet fine art pigment prints are now popular with contemporary artists, museums and collectors as a way of making exhibition prints from digital files.

Papers for fine art printing

Paper types can generally be broken down into the following categories: There are many variations available on these.

Photo Rag – Smooth and textured, premium grades are 100% cotton with little or no optical brighteners.

Baryta – Semi gloss paper on a fibre base - similar to traditional darkroom papers

Canvas- Artist grade cotton blends or polyester material.

These materials have been independently assessed as archival and suitable for fine art printing with a lifespan ranging from 75 to hundreds of years in proper artwork storage.

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Why print inkjet editions ?

Artists are including limited edition reproduction prints as part of their fine art printing practice. You can now offer your art prints to more art buyers who may have loved the original work but couldn’t necessarily afford it.  With the rise in popularity of edition prints it is an effective way of offering your art in various sizes and options even after the original has been sold.

 Open Edition vs. Limited Edition

As an artists- you have the option to create either open edition or limited edition series of their archival prints. With open editions, the number of prints that can be created and sold is unlimited.

Limited editions numbers however are carefully chosen and no more can be created after they are all sold. This makes limited edition prints more valuable in the eyes of a collector, so generally artists are able to charge more for a limited edition fine art print.



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