Film Processing Services

Why shoot film ?

We are often asked - Do you still process film? Well our film processing services are still going strong.

Although we use a combination of digital and traditional  printing technologies  we’re still doing essentially what we’ve been doing for over 30 years: processing film and making prints. Add into that scanning, file preparation, artwork photography and framing and you have a broad picture of what we do.

So why shoot film? We all shoot film here at Colour Factory, we enjoy our cameras and lenses, we use 35mm up to 5x4 inch equipment - even the pinhole camera gets a work out now and then.  It allows us a break from the land of digital. Staring at screens, clicking mouse buttons is not where we believe photography should be stuck. Setting film speeds, adjusting apertures controlling focus is what we call photography. Both film and digital cameras allow this - however one ends with button clicking the other ends with film carriers, masking easels, contrast masks, burning and dodging and a little bit of tray rocking!


Why do we shoot film?  Because it feels right, it reminds us of our beginings and it reminds us that it is all about the print.


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