Photographic Exhibition: Seeing Is Not Understanding

Ponch Hawkes

Seeing Is Not Understanding

Horsham Regional Gallery

July 4 – 24 August 2009

The Colour Factory printed the photographic images in this exhibition.

The photographs in this exhibition bring together a series of banal yet arresting moments as experienced by the photographer Ponch Hawkes. Although these photographs are all reconstructions of Hawkes’ memories, they remain firmly grounded in the documentary tradition with which she has long been identified. Hawkes’ current embrace of the more fluid characteristics of storytelling reflects broader shifts within her field.

Seeing Is Not Understanding encourages us to question assumptions about the relationships between history, seeing, knowing and documentary photography. These patterns of reinvention and renewal must not be seen as a corruption of an inherent but inaccessible truth that belongs in the past. Rather, Hawkes dramatizes the way in which we constantly restage the past and retell its stories in order to integrate then into out own lives.

Source: Dr Melissa Miles, Seeing Is not Understanding, exhibition catalogue, 2009.

Louis Porter

Australian Colour

Monash Gallery of Art

August 5 – September 13, 2009

Opening Saturday 8 August, 3pmphotographic_prints

The Colour Factory printed the photographic images in this exhibition.

These stunning and colourful photographs capture the banal yet beautiful moments occurring everyday on our familiar streets. Colour Factory worked with Louis to create the artist’s prints for what is sure to be a great photographic exhibition.

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