New Tim Handfield Digital Photography Seminars Announced!

Sojourn, Tim Handfield, 2009

Sojourn, Tim Handfield, 2009

August 29 – Understanding Digital Colour (Intermediate)

As promised, Tim Handfield’s ‘Understanding Digital Colour’ workshop is back!

Workshop Details

Date          29th August, 2009
Time         10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Location TBA
Price        $175.00 (inc GST)

‘Understanding Digital Colour’ provides visual artists with the foundation knowledge to use digital photography in an expressive way to control digital colour from conception through to the final print or multimedia presentation of their work.

The workshop aims to increase your ability to pre-visualise, control and manipulate digital colour through the use of experiential techniques to engage with colour on a sensory level.

You as an artist can then relate that knowledge back to practical digital tools to produce compelling results in print or projection.

The course is divided into 4 one-hour sessions addressing different aspects of the topic.

Topics covered:
– What is colour?
– How does the eye work?
– Working with digital colour
– The digital colour print

Comprehensive course notes will be provided.

October 31 – Creating Photoshop Masters (Intermediate)

Gain ultimate control over Photoshop’s most advanced features to produce compelling prints from your digital files. This workshop provides a step-by-step introduction to the concept of non-destructive image editing using Photoshop’s layers and transfer modes.


Date          31st October, 2009
Time         10.00 am to 4.00 pm
Location  The Colour Factory
Price         $175.00 (inc GST)

Topics covered:
– Digital image evaluation and pre-visualisation
– Photoshop transfer modes and layer adjustments
– Layer masking techniques
– Putting it all together: the Photoshop Master file

Comprehensive course notes will be provided.

The overall objective of the workshop is to be able to start with a basic digital image, either scanned from film or from a digital camera, and visualise how that image may be fine tuned or altered to achieve your aesthetic aims, and then to apply those changes as a series of layers.

The result is a master file that is optimised for your chosen print process and able to be output to a variety of sizes and uses. All this is achieved without changing the original image that is always available for immediate comparison by switching on its layer visibility.

This is more than a series of techniques but rather the foundation for a sophisticated approach to digital photography that will open up new horizons for creative expression. Your ability to work with images in a completely intuitive way will feed back into the choices you make when photographing.

‘Introduction to Photoshop Masters’ will be held at the  Colour Factory, allowing prints to be produced during the day based on demonstration files, to illustrate the benefits of the techniques being taught.

Who Should Attend?
Both the above workshops are perfect for photographic artists and creative professionals. Some basic Photoshop knowledge is required to get the most from the workshops.

‘Understanding Digital Colour’ provides an excellent conceptual framework for getting the most out of ‘Introduction to Photoshop Masters’ so attendance at both is recommended but not a pre-requisite.

‘Introduction to Photoshop Masters’ will be followed by and ‘Advanced Photoshop Masters’ workshop in early 2010.

Find out more about the Colour Factory digital photography seminars or download a registration form here.

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