LIGHT BOX IMAGES @ Carlton Library

Light box images of Irene Finkeld’s exquisite flower images on the side of the Carlton Library on Newry street.

We had the pleasure of printing this series on photographic backlit material in ‘Duratran’.

Check it out if you’re in the area. Best viewed after dark!

Organised by the City of Yarra arts initiative.

Light boxes Carlton Library_12082014 (9)   Light boxes Carlton Library_12082014 (6)

Light box installation 1 009   Light box installation 1 006

Here’s some info about the project.


Forget-Me-Not-Series by Irene Finkelde

11 August – 14 November


Each image portrays an assemblage of windblown artificial flowers encountered and collected by artist

Irene Finkelde on her frequent walks around the old iron walls of the Melbourne General Cemetery.

In its own way, each flower represents an absent loved one, a memory, and the history and passage

of life.

Finkelde carefully constructs each image – designed to symbolise the complex relationships that can be

formed by humans – and uses a flatbed scanner to capture the minute detail of these fragile flowers.

The hyper real nature of the image created by this relatively new medium creates a tension with the

artificial nature of its subject matter, serving to animate these faded objects that otherwise evoke

sentiment and memory.

This is the inaugural commission in a series of three showing until March 2015, as part of Council’s new

Public Art Light Box Program at Carlton Library.

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