Left Behind- A photographic exploration of life after inhabitation

red gallery

Phil Roubin

Left Behind

Exhibition opening Wednesday October 22.   Exhibition dates runs till October 9


This exhibition of new photographs by Phil Roubin details the traces of life left behind in abandoned homes. Worn carpet, broken blinds and fragmented windows testify to years of occupation, while scattered possessions tell something of the nature of inhabitants once present. Awash with natural light, Roubin’s images seek to energise spaces that otherwise seem to lie dormant. Objects appear as if in a state of flux, absorbed in an entropic process of gradual deterioration. As Roubin has noted, ‘Change is inevitable, even without human intervention.’

The images resonate with a faint hum of activity, inviting the viewer to imagine a figure rising from the armchair or passing through the front door only a moment earlier, and to consider the significance of articles and environments that humans leave behind.

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