Fine art exhibition prints for Babel communicate with visual impact

The Colour Factory recently produced fine artists prints for an exhibition entitled ‘Babel’.

The exhibition has been described by Craft Victoria’s website:

“Babel is a word-based collection of fine porcelain and paper works. This collection of short texts constitutes a series of incantations, codes and instructions scrolled around porcelain bones or thin spines. The porcelain bones are internal structures and vessels of ancestor memory. This memory is fluid, is evasive, is aquatic. The thin spines resemble futuristic Towers of Babel reaching into space, anticipating communication and new frontiers. These towers have either an upright or collapsed form.

In the making, both forms build toward new possibility, words become obscured, resulting in a non-defined beginning or end, now replaced by chance permutations of the accumulated text.

The sculptural works are deliberately placed onto two large-scale text based charts. Each chart is placed on a raised surface, analogous to work benches in an observatory or laboratory suggesting a process of decipherment. Map 1 exhibits a similarity to ancient star charts, the placement of towers alluding to significant points of a constellation. The accompanying Chart 2 resembles an organised series of archeological artifacts, each piece methodically numbered and labeled.

Ultimately, Babel evokes a spiral passage both outward and inward. To unravel the scrolls initiates a return to the spine – the axis mundi, the source of a universal native tongue – love.”

The prints were laminated and mounted to dibond at a size of 500x500mm.
The artist, Natasha Dusenjko, was particularly pleased with the results stating ‘they look great installed with the rest of the artwork, and I have received many comments on the beautiful quality of the finish’.

You can visit the Babel exhibition at:

Craft Victoria’s Gallery
31 Flinders Lane
VIC   3000

From May 1 to June 13, 2009.

Artist prints are just one of the Colour Factory’s many services.

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