APCS Camera Market

March 16th: 9am-1pm

“Our Photographic Markets are the largest in Australia. Held twice each year they are not just a swap meet for collectors, but a true mix of old and new. Antique Camera & Image dealers rub shoulders with Photographic retailers and private dealers, still, movie & video. Truly daguerreotype to digital. An invaluable source for students after cameras and darkroom gear, a great deal of new and used equipment becomes available all in one place. Many professional photographers sell their excess or out-dated equipment, making professional 35mm and medium format cameras affordable for users and collectors.

Almost anything to do with photography and related subjects can be found on the tables, and the most recent market included some fairly extreme items like an Americn Fairchild K17A Aerial Camera from WW2 complete with its Kodak 12 inch lens, and a quite rare Zeca-flex. There are always great finds out on the tables, both vintage collectable and recent usable gear.  For professionals, amateurs and students, there are plenty of “user” items and in these times of technology change there are plenty of digital items for both users and collectors.”




Box Hill Town Hall

1022 Whitehorse Road, Box Hill,Victoria Australia
$5-00 entry


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