Lynette Zeeng from the 18th of May until June 3rd.

18th MAY 2017 – 3rd JUN 2017

Present Future – Lynette Zeeng

The Colour Factory would like to welcome Lynette Zeeng from the 18th of May until June 3rd.

Lynette has amassed a diverse portfolio of commercial and fine art photography.  Throughout her career she has won numerous awards internationally and locally, and has also been the recipient of a number of teaching accolades.

Lynette has a Master of Art from RMIT University and is currently completing a PHD at Melbourne University. Her thesis topic is The instant image: A critical and creative exploration of the one-off photographic image.


“This exhibition represents my research into historical one-off photographic processes.  The earliest known of these photographic processes, the daguerreotype, created a singular unrepeatable image. The potential for images to be reproduced favoured the development of subsequent processes that employed a negative, however processes that created single images continued to be developed. Through the history of photography there has been a myriad of these processes where the image is finite. My research explores the practical application of many of these processes and has generated a contemporary body of work.

In contrast to the anachronistic yet engaging limitation of historic processes to a single image, digital technology provides photography with the capacity for infinite replication. My research reflects on contemporary photographic practice and how the handcrafted one-off image may be employed while also incorporating the latest technology.

Through this body of work, I am endeavouring to preserve and bring to light the original veracity and individual nuances of historical processes and bring them to a new audience using available contemporary technologies yet keep the outcomes to a singular representation. Every image remains unique and is not repeatable unless by other mechanical means.”

6PM – PM

18 MAY 2017 – 3 JUN 2017