Y3K photographic exhibition

Misha Hollenbach

Indispensible Duties
Opening Saturday October 17, 4 – 6pm

Exhibition runs October 17 until November 7, 2009

Misha Hollenbach, makes up one half of ‘Perks and Mini’, along with his wife Shauna.

According to someday-store.com:

“Perks and Mini fell in love in a world called Shitland, and neither of them felt like they really fit in there. Together they planned to escape to Forevereverland, where things were much nicer. They began to make things like art, toys, books, fashion, accessories, graphic design and music- nice things that would help them make a new world.

Perks And Mini are great appreciators of nice things. They collect art and furniture, watch a lot of movies, always listen to music and enjoy lots of nice food.

Consequently they want to give something back to the world, as a way of saying “thank you” for the things they love, and to show that even in Shitland good things are happening and that there is fun to be had. Their spirit is freedom, creativity, fun, love and good, hard work…..and outer/inner space.”

Misha’s photographic exhibition opens at Y3K gallery this Saturday October 17 from 4-6pm.

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