Where do art and politics meet?

Arena Project Space arts program are launching and having a fundraising event on

Tuesday 17 May, 6 pm, 2 Kerr Street Fitzroy (between Nicholson and Brunswick streets).

Arena Project Space is a new exhibition and forum space, which has grown from Arena Publications, a broad left political and cultural project that has been running for over 30 years in Melbourne.

This space aims to widen Arena’s critical sphere and to facilitate and create dialogue about political and cultural interpretation through arts practice.

Arena Project Space has the potential to provide a focus for politics as a context for creative practice. In an age of managerialism, it offers a space beyond the business plan for alternative world views.

To launch the arts program planned for this space, the Arena Project Space board is organising a forum to consider the relation between art and politics today.

Our forum participants are Simon Cooper,  Rayna Fahey (aka Kakariki), Lyndal Jones, Robert Nelson and
Tom Nicholson. The session will be chaired by Kevin Murray.

Speakers will give a brief response to the questions:
How might artists respond to the social transformations occurring today?
Can artists take on a political agenda without compromising their creativity?
and respond to questions and discussion from the audience.

Bookings are NOT required. Entry will be $5 at the door. Refreshements will be available.

Zoe Hatten and Jessie Boylan (coordinators)
For further information: 9416 0232 or 0437 960 510, or go to <www.arena.org.au>.

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