What's On – Get your Cheap Flights!

Louis Porter¬† – ‘Cheap Flights’

Gallery 2 Centre for Contemporary Photography

Exhibition opening Thursday 4th June 6-8pm


The photographs in Cheap Flights would not make it into many holiday albums, but they are still travel photographs. Taken on various trips between 2005-2008 they examine the more disappointing aspects of travel.
Travel is about expectation. We expect to have an enjoyable holiday; it says so in the brochure.

The majority of travel photographs aim to reaffirm the idea that fun was indeed had; the sunsets beautiful and the locals charming. These mementos serve as homemade propaganda, along with images of weddings and other family events. Cheap Flights embraces the anti-climactic and relishes the fact that there is a little bit of home in every place you go.

The Colour Factory has worked with Louis to create his artist prints for this exhibition and look forward to joining him for the opening this Thursday.

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Last Call for Photographic Awards Entries!


The Colour Factory and the Centre for Contemporary Photography invite all photographic artists in the first eight years of their practice to enter the fifth CCP/Colour Factory Award for an emerging photographic artist. The winner receives a solo exhibition at CCP from August 7 to 26 September 2009 and photographic fine art printing courtesy of Colour Factory. For an application form click here.


The judges in 2009 are Contemporary Art Collector Milton Harris, Artist David Rosetzky  and Colour Factory Director Phill Virgo .

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