The Other World now showing at Kick Gallery

Leigh Backhouse
The Other World
Kick Gallery
Exhibition dates: June 8 – June 26

Leigh Backhouse is a photographer who explores nocturnal natural landscapes and unpopulated public spaces in a dramatic, cinematic way. Through his selection of imagery, as well as the richness of colour and texture in his final printed works, we are taken to places that are hypnagogic and otherworldly.

Sight & Sound

The Arts Centre
Exhibition dates June 12 – September 19


Sight & Sound is an exhibition that explores the intersections between music and abstract art in Australia from the early 20th century to contemporary practice.

The painters represented are John Aslanidis, Yvonne Audette, Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack, Roger Kemp, Donald Laycock, Roy de Maistre and Robert Owen, while contemporary sound artist Michael Graeve has created a new site-specific installation for the exhibition.

Integrated into the exhibition is a unique soundtrack of music, spanning classical to contemporary, including newly commissioned scores by artist Niels Hutchison after Roy de Maistre’s work, and by Toyko-based musician and composer Benjamin Skepper in collaboration with John Aslanidis.

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