Fitting the Photographic Mould

This week in ‘Art – What’s On’ the following exciting photographic exhibitions are being launched in Melbourne.

The Family Mould

Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn

Ilona Nelson


8 July- 2 August 2009

“The Family Mould continues photographer Ilona Nelson’s current exploration of self identity. Prompted by the birth of her first child, Nelson uses her artistic practice to focus on her family history, demonstrating that the deeply personal is in many cases the universal. Her selectively hand coloured photographs reinterpret images from her family album by re-photographing them in a contemporary context”.

Unfixing the Feminine
SHIFTED- Richmond
Meg Andrew, Justine Barlow, Kotoe Ishii & Jade Venus

8 to 25 July, 2009

Unfixing The Feminine presents four Melbourne-based female artists exploring concepts of the female body through their own image. Throughout history, the female body has been conflated with multiple and often conflicting meanings – from sexuality and desire, to innocence and reproduction, and even, other and difference. However, these four artists reverse, change, overlap and confuse this tradition of female representation.

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