Fine Art Photographic Exhibitions

Head Land
Chantal Faust
Jenny Port Gallery

Opening night 2 September 6 – 8pm

2 – 26 September 2009

The images for this exhibition have been created without a camera and continue her work with a flatbed scanner as an image-making machine. Where the lens-based camera requires distance in order to see, the eye of the scanner demands immediate proximity. These images use this guise of apparent closeness as a means to explore changing notions of looking and desire associated with the contemporary viewing of photographs. The Colour Factory team worked with Chantal to print this series of fine art photographs for exhibition, and look forward to joining her at the opening night.

Soft Freeze
Sarah Berners
Area Contemporary Art Space Inc.
Opening night August 28 6-8pm


28 August – 13 September 2009

Victorian College of the Arts, Master of Fine Art candidate Sarah Berners opens her solo exhibition ‘Soft Freeze’ this Friday. Her large pristine photographs have a high fashion aesthetic and an invitingly sumptuous surface. Her imagery explores notions of the artificial and the abject as they intersect within pop culture representations. As printers of these fine art photographs, the team at the Colour Factory has had a sneak preview, and we are excited about seeing them installed.

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