Black Mountain

Black Mountain

Margaret Lawrence Gallery

Rozalind Drummond and Stuart Bailey

Opening Thursday April 14, 6-8pm

Exhibition dates: April 15 – May 14, 2011

Rozalind’s work has been printed by Colour Factory and we look forward to seeing it installed!

Interior: Stuart’s studio late afternoon.
We sit down to watch an old Coen brother’s film called, ‘Fargo’. I really enjoy the scenes shot in empty fields and roads thick with fake snow in the depth of movie winter in Minnesota, which is basically the whole film. Stuart’s studio is overflowing with flakes of polystyrene, floating in the room, landing on furniture, gathering on the floor he focuses on sweeping them up into a pile, it creates a low level cloud.
We keep driving, I stare out the window of the car, and see a man tying plastic bags two fig trees. I get out of the car and ask if it’s ok for me to photograph his garden, he asks why, not actually wanting an answer, and is happy for me to be there. The plastic bags are at odds with the foliage of the trees, I find this visually irresistible.
Off the highway a giant boulder, being moved from one location to another, entirely incongruous, in the middle of a road, bound to a truck like a carcass with ropes and chains. We stand there in front of the rock, admiring the shape, talking about our project, how do you describe, collaborations, how do our respective projects and work evolve? It begins with long conversations, that dip back and forth, about things left out, things thrown in, discoveries, houses, buildings, backyards, random objects and people, seemingly insignificant daily discoveries.


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