Art exhibitions opening this week – between worlds & empty rooms

The following art exhibitions, opening this week, will transform your perceptions of empty spaces and take you ‘between worlds’.

Polixeni Papapetrou
Between Worlds

Nellie Castan Gallery

Opening night Thursday October 29, 6-8pm

Exhibition dates October 29 – November 21, 2009

“Within sumptuous landscapes by mountains and seas, an uncanny performance unsettles our ease.
From the field to the ocean, the children appear as both shaman and beast or as animal-seer, as if taking some venerable animal form from the totems that legends and sagas inform to the ominous border of ocean and land or the forest or plain upon grasses and sand into something momentous of great transformations where children and elements build their relations and nature evolves in its sacrosanct purity.
Here, between luminous shafts and obscurity dramas unfold of a magical air that explain what the children and animals share”.

-Robert Nelson

Just Another Empty Room…
RMIT School of Media & Communication
Photographic exhibition curated by Jens Waldenmaier and Les Horvat

Opening night Tuesday October 27, 5.30pm


Images by John Hay, Les Horvat, Gordon Pickard, Ryuhei Tsukamoto, Jens Waldenmaier, Michael Wenrich.

October 26 – October 30, 2009

“The photography of empty rooms making up this exhibition, suggests the presence of humanity without its depiction in tangible form. The images show a trace of humanity rather than actuality, allowing for the contested and temporal presence of the individual to be implied rather than be explicit.”

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