Art Exhibitions Galore at Blindside This Week

Two particularly interesting art exhibitions are opening this Thursday at Blindside. One explores the dying art of the Polaroid photograph following its announcement in early 2008 that production of its instant film would cease by the end of the year. The other is from Clare Rae, winner of the 2009 Colour Factory Award.

Last Days Polaroid Sale
Opening Thursday 13, 6 – 8pm

Curated by David Mutch

David Sebastian Brown, Adam John Cullen, Michael Danischewski, Zoey Louise Moonbeam Dawson, Dave DeCarteret, Jo Duck, Charlotte Ghaie, Theresa Harrison, Nils Olle Oskar Holmberg, Kirsty Hulm, Devon Lang Wilton, David Mutch, Bridget Radomski, Hannah Lucy Alice Schiefelbein, Jacob Weiss & Andrew T. Møller


In early 2008 Polaroid announced that production of its instant film would cease by the end of the year. In Last Days, with the knowledge that the Polaroid is an endangered object, we enact the frantic urgency of a ‘closing down’ sale. Here the Polaroid is available for cheap consumption; 500+ priced between 50c and $10. These are instant photos for instant consumerist satisfaction and at bargain prices!

They are soon-to-be relics of an analogue past mimicking the fast pace of this digital age where images are created, consumed, conflated, and added to the pile of visual detritus. The Polaroids in Last Days partake in the devaluation of the image that has occurred since mechanical reproduction became possible, and certainly since the digital image was conceived.

The Chase
Clare Rae

Also opening at Blindside this Thursday is the Colour Factory Award winner, Clare Rae’s video work ‘The Chase’.

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