Analogue Projection Prints

Recently at the Colour Factory we have been working on a remarkable and exciting project with artist STELARC, in conjunction with Scott Livesey Galleries.

Interestingly this project started with digital and has ended in analogue. The outcome is a mural chromogenic print of overwhelming proportions. STELARC commissioned Graham Baring to take his portrait and assist in creating the image below. Scott Livesey on behalf of STELARC, came to us with a high resolution file, which we wrote to an 8 x 10 inch negative in order to produce an analogue projection print.

Projection printing has become a unique area of expertise and still produces the highest value print in terms of archival and aesthetic quality and collectability.

Colour Factory Director, Phill Virgo, has 30 years experience in mural printing, including over 30,000 black and white photographic enlargements, and 120,000 plus colour photographic enlargements.

Inside the Colour Factory darkroom, several massive Durst enlargers are on tracks, moving back and forth to create the enlargement size that is projected onto the wall.

STELARC’s work, printed by Colour Factory, will be on exhibition at Scott Livesey Galleries from August 5 – August 29, 2009. The artwork is a three-part panel; the entire size is 4.2m wide x 2.7m high. It was a pleasure working with STELARC and the staff of Scott Livesey Galleries, who shared with us their knowledge and expertise in the field of fine art.

At the Colour Factory we enjoy a challenge and take pleasure in collaborating with artists and galleries to achieve their creative vision.

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