A White Trash (Lost) Love Story in Sydney

Glenn Sloggett

A White Trash (Lost) Love Story

Stills Gallery

Exhibition dates February 1st to February 25, 2012

Amputee Op-Shop Bride

Glenn Sloggett looks at how the grand themes of life, death, success and failure are realised in the ordinary language of the suburbs.His artworks embrace the unlovable and he finds beauty in what many would see as repellant. His images – a travelogue of broken-down and piss-stained suburbia – show an affection and respect for his subjects. There are no people in these photographs and they are almost forensic in their banality, yet there is also a beauty in these subtle colour images, which exposes both the frailty and the persistence of hope.

Glenn’s luscious photographs were beauitfully hand printed using Colour Factory’s Photographic Projection printing service.




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