Madonna Nudes

Madonna – New York City, 1979 – “The Nudes”

Exhibition open March 4th 2016

1979, Teaching nude photography at Parsons school in New York. A 20-year-old called Madonna Ciccone showed up. She was just another model, she was relaxed, composed, did as asked. Some are there to do a job, some give a little more. She was in the middle:


“It is about emotion, it is about thought, it is about preserving something special, or ordinary so that you can see it differently and for the first time perhaps….it is about capturing the perfect moment that records history or a look of love or hatred or depression, that fleeting instant and then it is gone forever….it is a bit of luck and lots of hard work and hours and hours of patience and repetition till the day or the moment when everything converges and is perfect……”   Martin HM Schreiber



Taken more than 35 years ago by photographer Martin H.M. Schreiber at his Manhattan studio the exhibition features 24 framed hand printed silver gelatin prints and a fine art boxed edition of selected images – signed and numbered by the artist.

Prints are available for purchase through the gallery.