Timber Picture Frames

Custom Picture Framing

Within our custom picture framing service, we have an extensive range of framing available to complete your project.

We provide a wide variety of matting and framing options and also raw timbers such as oak, blackwood and smooth finishes in many styles. We also provide a variety of services including stained and varnished finishes for custom framing options.

Frame styles

  • Traditional picture frames with matboard
  • Gallery box frames
  • Float frames
  • Tray Frames

Framing is a great way to protect your works and offers many unique ways to showcase your images.

With picture frames and mattes available in a variety of colours, textures, and sizes,  your art will have a truly finished appearance.

A key component of presentation- professional photo framing with or without a matte adds the finishing touch to your work and transforms it into a masterpiece.

Due to the highly individual nature of the framing process, all price quotes for framing is made upon request. For all inquiries, or to schedule a consultation, please contact our framing department

Custom Picture Frames

We have a comprehensive range of frame styles to offer. We provide a variety of services including stained and painted finish for custom picture frames.

  • Traditional window mat frames
  • Box frames
  • Float frames
  • Tray / shadowbox frames
  • Acrylic face mounts
  • Aluminium panels
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