Face-mount to Clear Acrylic

Acrylic Photo Mount

Facemount Clear Acrylic (Perspex) photo mounting is a contemporary way to present photographic prints for interiors and exhibitions. The print is bonded to acrylic and then backed to an aluminium composite panel.

  • Exhibition quality
  • Archival
  • Brilliant Colours
  • Supplied with wall fixings
  • Long term display

The finished facemount is supplied ready to hang on the wall, eliminating the need for a frame and is widely shown in galleries, exhibitions and interior design spaces.

Offering stability, durability and suitable for interior applications it's perfect for custom mounting of interior design, exhibition displays, and commercial signage elements.

This mounting solution is perfect for photographic works and images are protected from scratches and abrasions. The image itself contains a sense of depth and better contrast, while maximising the intensity of the colours.

We finish the mounting process with a quality aluminium subframe hanging system to ensure your works are presented and displayed to the highest possible standards.

Acrylic photo mounting is fast becoming one of our most sought after services.