PVC & Foam Board Photo Mounting

PVC and Foamboard - Suitable for Commercial and display graphics.

Foam board (Kappamount) photo mounting. This foam board is bonded on both sides for uniformity. Used for lightweight mounting and temporary displays. An ideal choice for photo mounting, exhibits, and indoor displays that require rigidity and bowing resistance

PVC (Forex) Lightweight and durable, solid PVC mounting material used for simple purposes such as exhibition prints requiring a durable substrate for touring shows or public exhibitions. It is available in a range of thicknesses.

  • Lightweight
  • Archival
  • Suitable for framing
  • Cost effective
  • Long or short term display

KAPA Mount™ Foamboard is  lightweight and has a foam core with an aluminium liner to provide extra strength. We recommend this material to keep your prints flat within a frame or alternatively can be be attached directly to the wall for a temporary display.

PVC offers a wide range of excellent properties like high stability despite minimal weight, excellent print substrate. Can be used internally and externally.

Custom Picture Frames

We have a comprehensive range of frame styles to offer. We provide a variety of services including stained and painted finish for custom picture frames.

  • Traditional window mat frames
  • Box frames
  • Float frames
  • Tray / shadowbox frames
  • Acrylic face mounts
  • Aluminium panels
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