Custom Picture Frames

Custom Picture Framing is for people who want more than off the shelf, cheap presentation frames.

Our custom frames are made from quality archival products to protect your artworks and precious items.

With a wide range of options and endless possibilities we have what you will need to achieve a great look for your next exhibition, or complete bespoke unique piece to take pride of place in your work place or home.

Frame Styles

Conventional frame:

Framed with a mounted or hinged print spaced of the glass with a matboard

Suits all frame styles from gallery to decorative.

Conventional frame double matt:

Addition matt boards can be added to enhance the look and can be effective in giving the artwork a stronger presence

Small spacer:

For use when a matt board is not the desired look this is for smaller frames that don’t have the depth to be a box style frame. The print generally needs to be mounted

Box style with spacer

A more contemporary alternative to the traditional matt board style utilising the depth of a box frame to recess the print giving several options to hinge and float the artwork

Hinge float

Using the box style frame artworks can be hinged using archival tapes to present the entire piece when the whole artwork needs to be shown to reveal the whole story especially parchments and documents.


Also using a deeper box style frame a foam mounted print with a reverse bevelled cut gives the impression the artwork is floating within the frame