Jo-Anne Duggan

Special Event: A Site of Convergence book launch, Cynthia Troup with Jo-Anne Duggan. This pub lication is available for purchase at the Colour Factory Gallery.

Jo-Anne Duggan CV

Dr Jo-Anne Duggan is an inter-disciplinary researcher and photo-media artist who investigates the complexity of the museum and the multitude of histories that collide in the context of viewing art and material culture. Her work has been created in a number of international cultural institutions where she explores new ways of visually communicating aspects of time, history and memory. Jo-Anne has been the recipient of numerous grants, including three from the Australia Council, and undertaken residencies in Milan, Florence and Prato, in Italy.

Wondrous Possessions, 2010. For more information on this series click here.

Edition 5 + 1AP

'Sala dei Cavalli (Room of the Horses), Palazzo Te' 'Ufficio (Office), Palazzo Ducale' 'Archivi (Archives), Archivio di Stato' 'Galleria degli Specchi (Gallery of Mirrors), Palazzo Ducale' 'Depositario (Depository), Palazzo Te'


Sites of Convergence, 2006-2008
Edition 10 + 1 AP

Nourishment #1 Ceremony #1 Scholarship #1 Administration #1 Governance #1 Counsel #1 Socialise #1 Entertainment #1





Worship #1 Governance #2 Socialise #2 Nourishment #2 Administration #2 Scholarship #2 Nourishment #3 Entertainment #3 Amity Fellowship Camaraderie


Impossible Gaze, 2002-2005

Edition 10 + 1 AP

Impossible Gaze #1 Impossible Gaze #2 Impossible Gaze #15


Palazzo Vaj, Prato, Italy, 2004

Edition 5 + 1AP

Caminetto Sala Toscana Office Salone Sala Veneziana Sala Giochi



Before the Museum, 2000 – 2002

Edition 10 + 1AP

Before the Museum - Galleria Palantina #1 Before the Museum - Galleria Doria Pamhilj Before the Museum - Palazzo Vecchio Before the Museum - Palazzo Barberini Before the museum - A Monk's Cell Before the Museum - Tomb of Lorenzo de' Medici Before the Museum - Fra Angelico fresco Before the Museum - Sanzio Raffaelo fresco