SoonHoe Khaw

SoonHoe, based in Melbourne, adopts photography as an artistic expression.His chosen medium is black-and-white photography as it best suits how he would want the artistic elements of an image articulated. He prefers to compose an image without an apparent subject, instead he relies on the whole image to provide a design. A design that is purposely open for self-interpretation. Many who are new to his work would often comment “Is this a photograph? It looks more like a painting!”

“With the Invoke and Momentum series, I attempt to capture and create patterns out of the vibrant interaction between light, water and nature, in black and white. Hopefully creating a sense movement out of a still image. Vibrancy within calmness.”
He feels that nature is the quintessential artist. Capturing the natural artwork that nature creates on film and reinterpreting it for the viewer is what SoonHoe’s craft is all about.

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