Rebekah Stuart

07/08/14 – 30/08/14

Image: Dreaming in Reverse, 2014 (pigment ink on cotton rag)

Rebekah Stuart is a contemporary visual artist currently exploring an alternative aesthetic to the traditional and Romantic landscape. She reconstructs fragments of nature via digital media to create landscapes that do not exist in reality. Stuart’s images evolve in a similar fashion to that of a painter, over long duration. Stuart builds and refines details for a new whole to emerge, disorientating the observer’s position in a subtle way to reflect on their own internal terrain. The landscapes are a reflection of the horizons carried within – an intimate sublime for a time when wilderness is perhaps uninhabitable.

The ocean is a vast mediation, a reminder to re-examine the self in wayward time. Breeze melds with waves; light undulates on and off all forms as I inevitably bring my consciousness to it. The light is a free weightless entity that I can freely move and place where I desire as an artist…here I can redefine and delineate the truth I find.


All images: pigment ink on cotton rag, 2014

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