Exhibition Dates – June 4th-27th

Opening event: June 4th, 6-8pm


Kate Molenkamp

Gallery I

As a foreigner in Asia, the intensity of urban life is a confronting experience; social and cultural peculiarities attribute to a sense of displacement. The shift in the customs, the order and the function of society not only make one feel alien; often you are perceived as one in turn.

The landscape is largely infiltrated with countless urban constructions –  with large masses of people in and around them; going about their daily lives. Eventually, one begins to observe and identify familiarity in the exotic – Patterns in human behavior and in the social landscape, where one discovers the profound influence of western culture – mass consumption, pop culture and architecture.

Outlander is a curious, childlike observation of human behavior in the Korean urban landscape. It explores not only the vibrant eccentricities unique to this mono-cultural society, but it also looks to examine how humans (and creatures) interact within this setting.