Sarah Berners & Michelle Tran: Under the Influence of the Divine

Sarah Berners & Michelle Tran

Under the Influence of the Divine –

Opening Thursday May 2, 6 – 8pm

Exhibition dates: May 2 – June 1, 2013




Under the Influence of the Divine

 ‘Under the Influence of the Divine’ is a collaborative project between photographer Michelle Tran and multi-disciplinary artist Sarah Berners. The exhibition explores the shifting role of the muse within art and the ambiguous allure that inspires the artist to seek aesthetic beauty.

 Berners and Tran interrogate notions of both divinity and debauchery associated with the role of the muse, and more generally the female nude within contemporary fashion photography. Within the photographs, the muse presents a cherubic innocence offset by a sense of intent and command. This sentiment is aligned as the muse makes contact with the various sculptural forms.

 Berners sculptural forms, with their corporeal and often abject qualities, act as both playful props and uncanny suggestions of the models visceral interiority. Photographically, the muse is captured candidly and with a sense of stark romanticism.




Current Exhibition -Sarah Berners & Michelle Tran