February Talks

Collecting Photographic Art

Join us for a glass of wine and conversation on February 20th at 6pm

This discussion is suited to collectors, those thinking of starting a collection and artists who are just beginning their practice.  Topics discussed will include:

–          What to look for when collecting photographic art

–          What questions to ask the gallery or artist (and why)

–          What constitutes archival?

–          (Artist specific) products and considerations to enhance the value of your work

Due to limited seating, places are limited.  Please RSVP by Monday 17 Feb.

*Free event



Print 101 – An introduction to print

27th of February, 6pm

This is an introductory discussion suited to First Year University, Diploma and Year 11 + 12 students who are studying or interested in photographic art.  Topics discussed will be:

–          The difference and benefits of film technology vs digital

–          What’s inside a digital camera

–          The difference between C-type and Giclee printing processes

–          Finishing processes and options

–          Limited edition printing

–          What is archival?

The discussion includes a tour of the premises, including the dark room, factory space and the gallery.  There will be a period of seated questions and answers after the discussion, providing an opportunity to gain insight into printing.  The discussion is designed to fill in the gaps in regards to basic printing terminology and practice.

Due to limited seating, places are limited.  Please RSVP by Monday 24 Feb.

*Free event