Panoramica by David Mitchener

Exhibition dates: 1 – 31 July 2010

The images in this exhibition are taken with the remarkable Hasselblad X-Pan. This small and very portable camera allows shooting with great spontaneity. It’s very wide film format and superb optics are portrayed beautifully in the mural prints. The panoramic format allows for David’s unique concept of landscape photography to be viewed in incredible detail. David shoots using a grainy negative film stock, which in combination with some specialised processing techniques, yields a painterly, organic effect. His interpretation of these destinations is as much about the detail and texture as it is about the broader horizon. This often abstract and unexpected view takes the work into a more experiential, epic realm.

Educated at RMIT in Australia and Brooks Institute of Photography in California, David’s career has included stints in New York and Denmark, and has taken him on shoots in South America, South East Asia, Japan and New Zealand.

Vietnam-Hanoi 1 Chile-Cordillera 2 Chile-SanPedro de Atacama Chile-Valparaiso 1 Italy-Matera 1 Italy-Otranto Italy-Monte Amiata Italy-Puglia Vietnam-Ban Suoi Nhon Bolivia-Pampas Peru-Urubamba 1