Kamikawa Sub-Prefecture

Kamikawa Sub-Prefecture by Rohan Hutchinson

Exhibition datesNovember 4 – 27, 2010

The Kamikawa Sub-Prefecture series is a selection of large-scale photographic works exploring the use of linear form to control a chaotic moment.  A chaotic moment, documented in White by Kenya Hara, is when colour, texture or structure is added to the colour white.  He believes that ‘white’ represents purity and emptiness however, for it to exist, an element must be added to it.

Set in the winter of 2010, amongst the beautiful yet unforgiving backdrop of inner Hokkaido, the works study the geographic and economic constraints in building parameters.  It also explores how these constraints alter the aesthetics and longevity of structures placed into the environment. As varying importance is placed on a new structure by the developers, government and/or community, the design and choice of building materials changes.  This in turn effects the aesthetic qualities of the industrial, residential and rural areas.  Shot against the white surroundings demonstrates how these choices can transform a landscape.

This body of work shows the ‘white’ and ‘the introduced’, what Hara would interpret as chaos. Within the space Rohan has then attempted to neutralize it through the use of linear form and/or symmetry.

Rohan was interviewed by Broadsheet Melbourne about this series

Edition of 3, 156.3 x 125cm

Edition of 4, 100 x 80cm

Plate 1 Plate 2 Plate 3 Plate 4 Plate 5 Plate 6