Inside Is Out, Outside Is In

Inside Is Out, Outside Is In by Rhiannon King, Claudia Phares, Lia Steele

Exhibition dates: October 8 – 30, 2010

Inside Is Out, Outside Is In is a group exhibition using portraiture and still life to investigate attitudes towards identity, ethnicity, transition and media representation. As the title suggests, people depicted in this exhibition may be unconventional and on the periphery of image representation. All three female artists are Melbourne based photographers.

Rhiannon King
In this exhibition Rhiannon is exploring attitudes towards conflict and crisis scenarios. By utilising popular war symbology in fine art photography she aims to draw attention to media images of war and shift people’s viewpoint to a more humane perspective.
Metonymy (Renewal) Assimilation War Porn Ghost Helmet

Claudia Phares
Was born in Montreal from a Vietnamese mother and an Egyptian father. Her creative inspiration stems from her experiences as a woman of mixed backgrounds. Four women, all migrants, are portrayed in this series which is an exploration of ethnicity, personality, identity, and desire. How does the inner narrative that binds our personalities manifest visually? An element of each woman’s journey is exposed.

Do the damn thing Elements All seeing Beyond

Here is a short video that Claudia Phares made in conjunction with her portait series for the exhibition

Lia Steele
For this exhibition I have taken portraits in the beds of men on the cusp of adulthood, ranging in age from eighteen to twenty-eight. The series aims to explore the loss of innocence through practical contact with adult life, which is evident in the changing physical characteristics present during the transitory age of young manhood. The subjects’ body language and gaze is a reaction to the intrusion created by a female photographer in the subjects’ very personal space, and also a demonstration of the initial naivety in adolescence through to the maturity and convictions evident in adulthood. The presentation of the approximately life-size prints pinned to the wall, displayed in order of age, gives viewers the opportunity to share the intimate space of the subjects and to witness the transition into adulthood.
Matt Tim, 28 Adam Mickey Cameron Jesse Tim,18

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