Unearthly Garden

Curated by Carolyn Dew

Artists: Angela Bailey, Magdalena Bors, Carolyn Dew, Marian Drew, Lee Grant, Peter Lambropoulos

Exhibition dates: 2 December – 28 January 2012

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Blyth Street, 2007 Blyth Street, 2008 Blyth Street, 2009 Three Trees, 2006 Woodland Scene, 2006 Reef, 2010 Wild Garden, 2011 Memorial Garden I, 2011 Unearthly Garden I, 2011 Rose crowned fruit dove with fancywork, 2009 Nan Ping Restaurant, 2010 Garden Chinese Restaurant , 2008 Canton Inn, 2008 Night Gardening, 2011 Crystal Bush, 2009 Succulent Glob, 2009

The garden is wilderness tended. Forces of culture also shape it.  These forces are always in tension. The perfect garden imagined exists at a juncture when these tensions are at an optimum.  A specimen matured bearing perfect fruit. Flowers in full bloom. Plants defined as weeds are absent, the scene basking either in warm sunlight or light shade. Ideal. The imagined garden is elusive. It can only occur in time and space for just a moment, if ever. Often the garden remains the husk of an idea. The photographs in this exhibition detail the cultural imperatives behind the imagined garden and the impossible quest to challenge unpredictable and uncontrollable aspects of environment and of life. To capture an ideal.  – Carolyn Dew, 2011