Italia Mia

Italia Mia by Christopher Tovo

Exhibition dates May 6 –  28, 2011

It was the camera, not the photograph that found me at an early age. I have clear memories of spending hours on end as a child, rummaging through my father’s old felt-lined leather camera cases. From this early beginning a close personal connection to the camera was formed, allowing for a sensitive and intuitive relationship that has shaped my photographic style and principles. I try to approach the photograph without intellectualising my subject, and allow instinctive curiosity and emotional reflexes to govern the outcome. My aim is to reverently snatch life and seal its fractions with gratitude and respect. Italia Mia – homage to my Italian heritage and a representation of the affection I share for such a beautiful country.

Christopher Tovo’s Catalogue

Edition of 10, 100 x 80 cm