Mirror Mirror: Contemporary photographic self-portraiture

Mirror Mirror: Contemporary photographic self portraiture

Curated by Linsey Gosper

Exhibition dates: 8th February – 2 March 2013

Artists: Hoda Afshar, Garrett Hughes, David-Ashley Kerr, Diane Mantzaris, Kobie Nel, Farrell & Parkin, Drew Pettifer, Linsey Gosper & Jack Sargeant, Jacqui Stockdale, Hannah Raisin

Mirror Mirror showcases the work of 10 Melbourne-based artists using self-portraiture to explore their diverse styles and subjects. The images in this exhibition are less about the individual and more about our collective concerns.  What becomes apparent is the importance of the performative body to self-portraiture. As a vehicle of appropriation and transgression; the ‘performance’ of the body lets us to play out our desires and take on the power of that which is performed.

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Hoda Afshar 'Untitled' 2012  Garrett Hughes 'Somewhere in Between' 2012  David-Ashley Kerr 'Untitled 4' 2012 from the series 'Introduced Species'  Linsey Gosper & Jack Sargeant 'Hand in mouth' 2012 from the series 'Untitled (Atrocity Exhibition)'  Diane Mantzaris 'Fountain of Eve' 2011 from the series 'The Human Clay'  Kobie Nel 'Australia' 2011 from the series 'With Love From'  Farrell & Parkin 'Plum Blossom Meridian' 2009, courtesy of the artist, Arc One Gallery, Melbourne and Boutwell Draper Gallery, Sydney  Drew Pettifer 'Untitled (Holding Been)' 2011 from the series 'Hand in Glove'  Jacqui Stockdale 'Snow Bunny' 2008  Hannah Raisin 'Foxy chicks' 2011 from the series 'Seperation anxiety'