Charmwood by Todd Anderson-Kunert, Warwick Baker, Linsey Gosper, Michelle Tran

Exhibition dates: 3 – 26 June, 2010

The artists of Charmwood came together through a shared passion for photography and a similar approach to making artwork – we take from our life experiences and recreate these personal moments through staged fictional narratives. To arrive at the theme of Charmwood we held regular show & tell meetings to find a common thread from the work we were already making. We could see a connection in the documentation of our personal relationships, and a strong theme of the Australian domestic emerging. Although, in this sunny, tacky, suburban bliss a darkness, loneliness or underlining threat was apparent. A dead end, a vacant face, darkened woods, broken glass. From this revelation the title Charmwood was coined, which sent us further on our own creative journey… a fictional narrative that inspired this new body of work.

A 45 page, full colour, A5 Charmwood book is available from the Colour Factory and selected retail outlets. It includes an essay by Glenn Sloggett and the full body of work from the series that was not in the exhibition.

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Gallery manager and artist, Linsey Gosper writes about the process behind creating the exhibition in our news section.

Todd Anderson-Kunert

This is everything else (wardrobe) This is everything else (road) This is everything This is everything else (entrance) This is everything else (island)

Warwick Baker

Stephen Russian Wedding Kate Rafael Ashes In Pond

Linsey Gosper

The smell of loneliness Pale frost Waist down undressed Double life Sheoak crown

Michelle Tran

Vince Digitor A New Year Ghostie Shinning