Artwork photography & Scanning

We specialise in providing premium artwork photography and scanning services, ensuring the highest quality reproduction and documentation of your art. Our studio is equipped to handle all types of artwork, from small original pieces and historical documents to large artworks up to 3m x 4m. To guarantee stunning accuracy and impeccable detail in all reproductions, we use advanced lighting techniques and Leica medium format equipment with Leitz lenses, including APO and aspherical corrected lenses.

Wide Range of Artwork:

We can scan and photograph various types of artwork, including:

  • Watercolour, acrylic, and oil paintings
  • Charcoal and pastel drawings
  • Mixed media pieces
  • Historical documents and maps
  • Textiles and fabrics

Applications of Digital Captures:

  • Print Reproductions: Create stunning prints, including archival prints and giclées,
  • Archiving: Preserve your artwork in high-resolution digital files for future reference and protection.
  • Restoration and Conservation: Facilitate restoration and conservation efforts with precise digital documentation.
  • Digitising for Web Presentation: Showcase your artwork online with impeccable detail, attracting more viewers and potential buyers.


All work is completed onsite – photographic capture/scanning, colour correction, printing & framing.