This week is hot for great photographic exhibitions!!

Sarah Berners
Bus Projects – Main Space
The Garment-Body
Opening Tuesday March 2, 6-8pm

Sarah_BernersExhibition runs from March 2-19, 2010

“The Garment-Body is a photographic and sculpture based exhibition which explores an intimate synthesis between flesh and fabric. The Garment-Body is an exploration of the erotic appeal of inanimate materials in conjunction with the human body. The exhibition considers the fusing of flesh and fabric as a symptom of the human urge to bond with and transform the body in relation to its environments, objects and garb”.

Paul Philipson
c3 Contemporary Art Space
A hierarchy of loss
Opening March 3, 6-8pm


Exhibition runs from March 3-21, 2010

“Philipson’s work explores the poetics of photography and its ability to present description without place. His seemingly unrelated images, when placed together, expose a shared language. The result is an unsettling exploration through territories as diverse as the elegiac texture of his landscapes to the texture of skin itself. The currency of the sublime runs through every aspect of Philipson’s work. His upcoming exhibition shows a series of ethereal photographs which transport you from a frozen lake, to a misty tree-lined road, to a night owl caught in the flash of a light. The effect is one of an almost David Lynch-ian strangeness, deftly offset by a sweeping gesture towards German romanticism.”

Lez Horvat
Red Gallery
The Minefield and the Lotus
Opening Wednesday March 3, 2010

Exhibition runs from March 3-20, 2010


“This series of photographic works was captured in Ba Ria-Vung Tau (formally Phuc Tuy) province in Vietnam over the course of the past two years. Horvat’s images feature Vietnamese and Australian service personnel who were involved in the Vietnam/American war. As he reveals, ‘these portraits seek to explore the effects of conflict upon service personnel of both sides. The lotus flower, which for centuries has been known not only for its great beauty but also for its ability to rise from the mud, is used as a metaphor for renewal and growth and as a signifier of place.’’”

Allan Kleiman
Colour Factory Gallery

Urban Archaeology- reconstructing the present

Opening Thursday March 4, 6-8pm

Allan_Kleiman_Colour_Factory_GalleryExhibition runs from March 4-20, 2010

Allan, a successful commercial photographer for many years, has recently turned his passion for photography into the pursuit of fine art. This body of work presents the graphic beauty of the everyday, illustrating and recording degrees of urban decoration and decay. Mostly shot in the familiar streets of Melbourne, Allan invites the viewer to imagine and interpret these ‘discoveries’ in the same way that an archaeologist discovers the remains of ancient civilizations and reconstructs what life was like.

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