Facemounted Ctype Photographic Duratrans

Greg Semu at National Gallery of Victoria.

Facemount C-type Photographic Duratrans | Greg Semu | The Raft

Project: Facemounted Ctype Photographic Duratrans
For: Greg Semu at National Gallery of Victoria.

Facemounted photographic prints are a popular contemporary method of displaying images. They have a  stunning clarity with its high gloss finish. This will provide you with a frame-less finish of the highest standard.

When visitors to the National Gallery Victoria enter the darken halls of Greg Semu’s exhibit*,  “THE RAFT OF THE TAGATA PASIFIKA,” they will  encounter facemount c-type photographic duratrans (backlit) that both reimagine 19th century master paintings.

To achieve this dramatic effect, Semu worked with us here at Colour Factory, using KODAK PROFESSIONAL ENDURA Display Materials. Eight large format photographic images were produced to be used in light box installations. This is just one of many collaborations between Semu and ourselves, having worked together for the past four years.

We began the process by producing artists proofs that Greg and ourselves assessed  for tonal qualities and colour balance. From this artist proof stage we then expose final size tests onto Kodak Duratran backlit material - These tests are then balanced to match the colour temperature and brightness of the custom made light boxes.

We chose Duratran material as we know that it will deliver the highest quality output that meets both the aesthetics and longevity required by discerning clients.

Once the final prints are inspected the face mounting process begins. These large scale works required a stable material - We chose 6mm clear Acrylic. The Duratran is adhered to the reverse of the acrylic - providing a smooth , high gloss, quality finish.

  • Exhibition quality
  • Archival
  • Brilliant Colours
  • Supplied with wall fixings
  • Long term display

This mounting solution is perfect for photographic works and images are protected from scratches and abrasions. The image itself contains a sense of depth and better contrast, while maximising the intensity of the colours.

The clients range from individual artists to museums and galleries to upscale retailers and brands. Second, our roll-to-roll and batch-to-batch consistency ensures we can  can create efficient workflows, critical in today’s fast paced environments.

“*Greg Semu’s exhibit will run through September 16, 2016.

**Greg Semu is represented by Alcaston Gallery.